The Telmarc Group

A Technology Investment and Management Company


Venture Financing

Telmarc provides Seed and First Level Venture Financing for its investment companies. It also assists in the raising of other rounds of financing. Frequently Telmarc will also take an active role in the development and management of the company.

Medical High Tech Commercialization

Telmarc has been recently involved with several major Medical Institutions seeking to commercialize internally developed systems in services. The areas of focus are currently on Medical Imaging, Oncology services and systems, Patient quality and satisfaction, and cancer genomics.

Investment Advisory Services

Telmarc has recently been involved in certain investment advisory services in conjunction with the sale of companies in the US and Europe. Telmarc assists in the valuation of the assets, the due diligence of the entities and the overall structuring of the financing related to each deal.

Management Support Services

Telmarc provided Management Support Services in the development of new Business, Turn Around Business, and Growth Businesses. This is on an advisory role. Our expertise spans the gamut of technical, operational, marketing, and overall financial and general management.

Litigation Support

Telmarc has provided Expert Witness Support in the area of Telecommunications, Technology, Business Practices, Valuations and Software patent litigation and in damages litigation for losses in corporate and similar areas.

Technology Development

Telmarc provides technology support services in the areas of telecommunications, software systems, and medical support systems, genetic analysis and software. Recent Efforts have been in the areas of broadband services and recently in genomics. The technology development includes the integration of patent support efforts as well.

Network Development

Telmarc has begun looking again at network development driven by the demands for video transport which we see exploding. We have begun looking at a Russian network expansion as  way to provide for alternative and secure routes between Europe, North America and Asia. Our Russian associates have commenced a study of this effort in some detail.



Telmarc and its Principals have had extensive experience in developing, financing and growing dozens of companies.