The Telmarc Group

A Technology Investment and Management Company


The following is a listing of some typical prior investments and strategic assignments:


Quazon: Turnaround of a computer manufacturer in Texas. In 120 days restructured company and divided in two parts and sold each part of the company for significant return.

Data Radio Network (ARDIS): Created the first data radio network service company jointly with Motorola. Used Motorola product and established the base for a joint venture withy IBM and resulted in ARDIS.

DTS: Financed, structured and was a Director of a start up company which developed first data on telephone line equipment using ISDN technology. Company sold in 1988.

Cylix: Restructured and turned around the satellite last mile company subsidiary of RCA/GE and sold company to France Telecom.

OTC: Restructured the fiber backbone network company in New York City, which used the subway tunnels for rights of way and sold assets to MFS.


COMAV: Created, structured and financed the first CLEC in Massachusetts and was sold in 1999.

Inzigo: Initial investor in AI software company in Canada.

NPC: Created and initially operated a company which bid for PCS wireless licenses. Raised equity of $60M for bidding. Declined to bid under the FCC rules and turned company into back office management and support for successful bidders. Sold in 1995.

Air Optics: Restructured an Israeli optical communications company which manufactured optical and infra red broadband telecommunications systems. Company successful sold in 1998.

Probity: Restructured and built a medical management software company. Company sold in 1996.

MDSI: Provided investment management support and was Director of MDSI which was brought public in 1994.


 Zephyr Communications: Zephyr was an international IP voice and fiber backbone network company. Founded by Telmarc and invested in by Telmarc was sold to Interoute in 2004 (see ).  Zephyr built a fiber backbone network covering almost 4,000 km in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary Austria, Germany Romania and Bulgaria. Also Zephyr had operations in Russia, Greece, Korea and Thailand. Zephyr was the first company to establish a fully integrated VOIP network in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Merton Capital: Merton was the first company to receive US Department of Agriculture financing for the construction and operations of a fiber to the home network in New England. The company had obtained financing commitment from the US Department of Agriculture, Rural Utilities Service, for financing its FTTH builds. However, as a result of the costly and grossly unpredictable nature of the franchising process the company has ceased deployment in New Hampshire.

Linear A Communications: Linear A was a WiFi based broadband and telephony company. It has tested the system in Newburyport, MA for several months and initiated commenced deployment in Keene, NH in April, 2007. Linear A ceased operations in 2008 due to expansions from LTE.

Current Focus

Telmarc has been actively developing and investing in medical technology and genomics areas. We believe that these may very well replace many of the more classic technology investments. We have been developing some hands on applications and seeking opportunities.

Specifically we are currently involved in collaboration with major Teaching and Research Hospitals in commercializing internally developed systems and services. The areas of interest span from Imaging to Genomics. The primary focus has been on Cancer related projects. Telmarc enters into joint ventures with the Institutions wherein it develops business, brings investments and management, and grows the opportunities into a commercial entity benefitting all parties.

Telmarc has recently invested in some new technology based companies. The following is a short list.

Vexti: A company which uses technology for the control of such things as bacteria and viruses. We are working with principals from Northeastern University.

Neostochos: This company is focusing on the identification and utilization of new cell markers which may have application in diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic areas. We are working with researchers from Georgetown Medical School.