The Telmarc Group

A Technology Investment and Management Company

The Company

Telmarc a technology investment and management company. Over the course of years since its founding in 1984 it has focused on Telecommunications, Enterprise Systems and Software, and Medical Management Systems. Telmarc has been directly involved in the development of over three dozen companies over the past thirty years and has raised several hundred million  dollars in the process. Telmarc has also been successful at several IPOs during this period as well as having successfully sold many of its companies.

Telmarc has also provided strategic advisory services to companies which have been in the development of new services in telecommunications and Health Care. Telmarc has also  advised companies in assessing strategic decisions to enter new business and service opportunities.

Telmarc has also been involved in certain litigation support assisting on patent litigation and in assisting and testifying as experts and trials for damages and losses in corporate litigation.

Telmarc Focuses its Investment and Advisory Services On:

1. Telecommunications: Broadband, IP and Wireless. Telmarc Principals have an exceptionally broad base of hands on experience in these areas.

2. Software: Enterprise Systems and Solutions

3. Medical Systems and Services: Telmarc has over twenty-five years experience in a broad base of Medical Systems and Services development. Particular emphasis has been in the areas of Practice and Clinical Management and Medical Imaging.

4. Litigation Support: We have recently supported damages claims on several cases. See this example: Vietnam Telecom v Inyang and also BMG v. Cox.

5. Genomics: As applied to Pathway Identification and Control: We believe that this can become an expansive and interesting area and we have been extensively investing in time and resources to understand it and seek out opportunities. We have worked with researchers at such places as Columbia University and Georgetown University.